Tackling “Five Points” in Bent Creek

Ingles Field Gap Trail

Ingles Field Gap Trail in Bent Creek

This has been a good running week. I’ve been trying to pick back up on the Half Marathon training. Although I am still avoiding speedwork.

Monday I ran a little over 3 miles (somwhere between 3.2 and 3.5 miles) in 29’26”. It was on trails and thankfully the heat wave was starting to let go of its grip.

Wednesday I ran by the river on pavement. It was my tempo run with one mile easy at a 9:23 pace, then 3.22 miles at 8:25 pace and I finished with 1.14 miles at 8:56 pace. It was in the morning and nice and cool. Total time 46’35” with an average pace of 8:41.

This morning I did a perfect long run. I wasn’t very worried about my time because I was tackling hard run with the first 4 miles going up hill for a 830 feet of elevation change. It’s one tough run that took me from the Rice Pinnacle to “Five Point” where North Boundary Rd, Ingles Gap and Little Hickory Top meet. There are some tough spots, doggone steep would be more accurate, but oh such satisfaction in knowing you’re at the top.
The trail was actually really nice and fairly smooth. On the way down I went by some beautiful blooming white Rhododendrons. It was awesome.
Total 9.37 miles in 1:35:08.

I also did 45mn of easy peasy horseback ridding on Wednesday. The position was a little hard on the knees but it was fun.
Friday also included 1h30 of yoga and 45 minutes of riding the bike. Asheville style triathlon as my husband said. I’ll sleep well tonight in any case.

Ça a été une bonne semaine pour courir. J’essaye de me replonger dans le programme d’entrainement du Semi-Marathon. Bien que j’évite encore les exercices de vitesse.

Lundi j’ai couru un peu plus de 5km en 29’26”. C’était sur sentier et heureusement la vague de chaleur se calmait enfin.

Mercredi j’ai couru le long de la rivière, sur asphalte. C’était ma course tempo avec un mile facile a 9:23mn par miles, ensuite 3,22 miles au rythme de 8:25 et pour finir 1,14miles au rythme de 8:56. C’était le matin et il faisait frais. Temps  total 46’35” pour un rythme moyen de 8:41.
Ce matin j’ai eu une course longue parfaite. Je ne m’inquiétais pas de mon rythme car je savais que je m’attaquais a une course difficile avec 4 miles de montée pur et 250m de dénivelés. C’est un bon défi qui commence depuis le parking de Rice Pinnacle pour aller jusqu’à “Five Point” ou la route forestière de North Boundary et les sentiers de Ingles Field Gap et Little Hickory Top se croisent. Il y a des endroits difficiles, sacrement pentus d’ailleurs serait plus correct, mais oh! quelle satisfaction que d’arriver en haut.
Le sentier était assez régulier tout le long d’Ingles Field Gap, pas de grosses branches ou gravats. A la descente j’ai vu de magnifiques rhododendrons blancs en fleur. Le pied quoi.
Total 9,37 miles en 1h35mn08s

J’ai aussi fait 45mn de ballade a cheval mercredi. La position était un peu dure pour les genoux mais c’était sympa.
Vendredi j’ai aussi fait 1h30 de yoga et 45 minutes de velo. Mon triathlon facon Asheville m’a dit mon mari. Je vais bien dormir ce soir en tout cas.

Horseback Ridding in Biltmore Estate


3 comments on “Tackling “Five Points” in Bent Creek

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    • We’re so lucky to leave near a beautiful forest. I never get tired of it. Right now they are full of white rhododendron blooms.
      And thanks for the pace. I’m working on improving little by little. Last year I could only run a 5k in 30 minutes 🙂

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