Coconut Water, an Alternative to Sports Drinks?

I read the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. If you read the book you know he recommends to avoid items that have more than 5 ingredients or ingredients you simply “can’t read”. I’m not following those rules 100%, however I try to be careful.

It seems to me that most athletes depend a lot on the “G” drink. Heck it’s obviously there at every American Football game. But when I read the ingredients I loose my excitement over the effects.
I’ve been hearing more and more about coconut water so when I saw a bottle of Zico coconut water at the discount store I decided to give it a try. Interestingly they had the Gator’s drink right next to it so I was able to compare and they have similar contents when it comes to sodium and calories, however the coconut water has way more sodium. Is one better than the other when it comes to effort? I’m not sure as I’m not a scientist but it sounds similar to me.

I tried the natural one, it tasted good to me. The coconut taste is very light and not overpowering. It was easy for me to drink the 14oz bottle right after my run. I put it in the fridge 2 hours prior. It is slightly colored but mainly transparent in the glass. I like that there is only two ingredients listed: coconut water from concentrate and natural flavors. There are other flavors such as pomegranate or lime that I’d be curious to try. To me it sounds like a good option because you replenish electrolytes without putting junk in your body.

I  like that they list some recipes to make out of the drink.

However I did read that Zico is owned by Coca-Cola and on a website many people recommended Vita Coco which is not made from concentrate.
The search for the perfect sports drink continues…

What kind of sports drink do you go for? The engineered or the natural kind? Any recommendations?


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