Half Marathon Training: Week 11

River Arts District Buildings
Monday Speedwork at the Park
Goal: 6x800m @8:29-8:34 pace

As I got to the park I was not feeling it. One of those days where my body felt a little worn out. But then as I warmed up it started to rain. While the air was super humid it did cool down the atmosphere and made it a lot more bareable and easier. Yeah for rain!

I did 1.45 miles at a 9:45 pace to warmup.
The 800m repeats were at 7:28, 7:24, 7:26, 7:24, 7:24 and 7:28 pace so between 3’34 and 3’43”. Pretty Good!
Cooloff was 1.12 miles @9:10 pace.
I find it hard to really slow down after speedwork it seems.

Tempo run in West Asheville
Goal 5 miles @9:35 pace
It was road running with a nice good hill in the middle. It took us from a brewery down to the river art district where we crossed the French Broad River twice.
The nice treat was to have a good local wheat beer after the run.
I did much better with it than the week before, maybe it wasn’t as hot, or maybe it wasn’t as strong.
I ran 6.23 miles at 8:58 pace.

Long Run in Bent Creek
Goal: 12 miles @10:09 pace.
I learned my lesson last week and did my long run in the morning. What a difference in energy not to have the blasting heat!
I actually started in the fog, when up once of my favorite and tough run called Hickory Top Loop, I added a little loop in the beginning by going via the Ledford Trail. Overall it’s a total of about 850feet of elevation change. I like a good challenge.

12.28 miles @9:55 pace.

Total 23.98.
All my workouts were faster than planned and it made me feel very empowered.


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