Hiking Over Running?

This week is “Week 9” of my training, which means that I’m supposed to do a 13 miles run. My first ever 13 miles run! The distance (or almost) of the Half-Marathon. So it’s a big deal for me.

However, my sister in-law and her husband are going to be in town. We’re not talking about the regular in-laws visit where you can sneak out at the crack of down and get your run here. Nope. They’re planning to hike Mt. Rainier in August and want to do training hikes with us. So we have planned two 11-12 miles hike on Friday and Saturday. With 8h hikes both days I don’t think I’ll have the energy to run on top of it. Which leaves me Sunday and with the heat I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit it.

So worth come to worth I guess I’ll do a 13 miles run next week instead of a 10 miles run. It will make it easier to deal with the next long run of 14 miles.

How do you handle a change in your training like that, is there any rule you follow?

4 comments on “Hiking Over Running?

  1. I think you’re wise to skip it, even if you had the time, you wouldn’t have much energy leftover for a long run. There’s nothing set in stone for me, except to increase the long run miles gradually – and gradually is relative!

  2. Since I used to be a runner, I can say without a doubt that a 13 mile run (not that I did one, 9 was the longest I went) is much harder than a 13 mile hike! On the other hand, you will still burn the same # of calories, still be moving, still be out and about. I think it’s a decent trade!

    • I agree that running is a different form of exercise. Although the hiking we’re going to do is going to have some serious elevation change (3000f) so it will be tough too. It’s so hard to give up on a run, but I don’t know if I’ll have the energy on Sunday afternoon or if the weather will even allow it!

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