A Reminder to Say Hydrated and a 911 Call

Yesterday was hot, as in 92°F hot. The last time I ran with temperatures above 90°F I almost puked. So I knew this was a situation to be careful about. I headed out of the house with my water bottle full of icy water. It didn’t stay icy very long.

Our running group leader gave us a 4, 5 and 6 miles run option. I took the 5 miles run. I knew that I should not push it with that weather. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I really had a good run and I think I ended up running at a 9:07 pace.

We got back to the car and everyone started getting back. We all got some water. One of the girls mentioned that she was a little dizzy. We had her sit down and drink slowly, she wasn’t saying much and we didn’t pay too much attention.

Well next thing I know she’s between two cars with an other girl talking to her. She was not doing good. It almost looked like she was having a stroke. Her muscles were clamping up, he jaw was locked up. She was lucid, could say her name but was having a hard time talking and slurring her words. That’s when we made the decision to call for help. I made the call. Within minutes the ambulance was here putting her on an IV. While we waited we tried to cool her down, make her drink and everything. There were probably some mistakes made such as putting ice cubes in her mouth (I was on the phone with the dispatch at point), or let letting her walk. But by the time they put the stretcher in the ambulance she was ok.

It made me feel that I need to review big time on the dos and don’t of a 911 call, on preventing and treating dehydration and overheating. I also know that if it’s too hot it’s not worth your health to go on a run and so important to know your limits and carry water!


4 comments on “A Reminder to Say Hydrated and a 911 Call

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  3. How scary! I hope she’s ok now. I ran Friday morning and at 7am it was already in the mid 80s with 90-something % humidity. My friend and I took it easy, stopped for a couple walk breaks, and only ended up running 4.5 miles. I think it was over 90 when we stopped. I probably wouldn’t try running again when it’s that hot, I don’t know that it did me any good training-wise to get in that extra easy run.

    • I talked with our running group leader who went with her to the hospital and she was better. After 2 IV bags they released her and she was even thinking about running Saturday but decided not to because of the heat.
      Heat is just so hard on the body. I think you’re right it’s not necessarily a good thing training wise.

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