Dehydration on the Run

Our friend ended up getting two bags of IV fluids after Wednesday’s run. She’s feeling a lot better but wisely skipped her next run to give some time to her body to recuperate.
I didn’t run at all this week-end. Although we only did an 8 mile hike with my in-laws on Friday and nothing on Saturday because well… they’re not used to the elevation, I decided not to run. It’s too hot for me to risk being on the trails on my own on a long run.

Given what happened Wednesday, our group leader decided she would make it mandatory to have water while running if the temperature is above 85°F. I think it’s a good thing. It also made me wonder what can be done to prevent and deal with dehydration.

I found some good information here that combines dehydration and heat stroke.
From what happened I think that if you can’t avoid running in the heat you should (I am not a doctor, so please do your own research and call a doctor if you have any symptoms):
-Start increasing your water intake the day before a workout
-Take water with you and drink regularly.
-Know your limits, run less and/or at an easier pace.
-Go with other people so you’re not alone. I can’t imagine what would have happened had she been on her own, what if it had happened in her car?
-If you suspect a fellow runner to be dehydrated (see symptoms in the link) have him/her sit down in the shape and drink water or a sports drink in small amounts. Try to apply cool water to the body.
-If drinking doesn’t provide immediate relief, call for help!

Something “fun” to do is to weigh yourself before and after a run (remove all clothing especially sweaty ones). You’ll see how many ounces you lost/
My husband’s brother in law can loose 10 oz per mile! He has to drink way more than anyone else. I saw this when we hike and how much water he could get out of his shirt, it’s a little scary. So know yourself and know your limits.


2 comments on “Dehydration on the Run

  1. I’ve heard the advice to weigh yourself before and after a run to know how much water you should drink, but I don’t have a scale at home. I plan to do this next time I renew my gym membership (clearly I won’t be able to remove my clothing, but it will be better than no estimate at all)

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