Detox Week-End

Cucumber Basil Water

One of the last time I saw my chiropractor, she recommended that I do a detox. There are a million ways to do a detox, from ready-made powders to liquid only. I went for the basic rules of avoiding: processed foods, processed sugars, gluten (wheat mainly), alcohol, dairy (meat too but that’s not hard since we eat vegetarian).

My biggest concern was fitting the detox in the middle of the half marathon training. Because let’s be honest, I need carbs and proteins to run and my metabolism runs pretty. Thankfully that week-end I was not running so I could give it a shot.

Day 1
Breakfast: 3/4 apple cut into slices with some almond butter spread on each slice.
Several cubes of watermelon.
Basil-cucumber infused water with a teaspoon of lemon.

Lunch: Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, blueberries, pecan and a walnut oil/balsamic vinaigrette.
1/2 cup of quinoa with a little lemon, walnut oil and paprika.

Snacks: Nuts and dried fruits, remaining apple and half of a banana with almond butter, watermelon slushie (frozen watermelon and a few leaves of basil).

Dinner: lightly sautéed vegetables. I sautéed some chopped torpedo onion, added a finely chopped clove of garlic and some fresh ginger. I added some purple green beans (they turn green when cooked),  some green pepper and some cherry tomatoes, a few drops of toasted sesame oil and I had a yummy bowl of goodies. I also had a few hazelnuts as a snack.

Thoughts on Day 1: It was a little harder than I thought. I was fine with breakfast and lunch at work, the staff cafeteria options weren’t exactly temptation. However I wanted something crunchy and “wheaty” when I got home. I had a good fruit snack that filled me up and helped. But the hard part was when my husband decided to have a grilled cheese tomato sandwich for dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast: Blueberries, a banana and almond butter, cucumber-basil infused water.

Lunch: Veggie sauté left over from the previous night, watermelon for dessert.

Snacks: carrots with a little lemon juice, 1/2 apple with almond butter.

Dinner: I couldn’t keep it up. My husband had a staff get together and while i ate a lot of veggies I did dip some in the ranch sauce and had some chips. Looking back I wish I had simply not eaten anything there. We ended up having dinner at home anyway because they didn’t have veggie sausage.

I made a tofu, cole slaw soft taco at home even if I wasn’t all that hungry but I felt I needed to eat. So I didn’t do perfectly but I tried.

What do I take from those two days?
Well it’s harder than I thought because of the psychological aspect of knowing you can’t have something even though it’s available on your shelves.
Do I feel any different. Well not really. I felt like I needed to eat more fruits and veggies to cover hunger but it was doable.
I do feel though that I can add more vegetable or fruits in my diet and would do just as well that way.

As a side note my chiropractor also told me that root vegetables are great for athletes. So I can add potatoes and more to my next attempt. I think it will make it a lot easier. I’m thinking of attempting more light detox like that.

Have you ever done a detox? What were your thoughts on it?

7 comments on “Detox Week-End

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  2. Thanks for the input. We do incorporate almond butter and peanut butter along with our fruits and veggies. We have also started using more quinoa. Also sweet potatoes. You are right about adding more legumes – that might help (although the Paleo people don’t agree with legumes). We also do a gluten light diet (me in particular as I find it helps with GI distress on longer, harder runs). Again, we don’t eat much meat – just a little to help with the protein and iron intake. I find the whole nutrition discussion very fascinating!

    • I love quinoa. Have you tried cold quinoa salads? So easy to make for a great lunch, throw in a few fresh veggies, some dressing (or just plain oil, salt and pepper) and a flavorful cheese like feta or goat and you have an awesome dish. Cold lentil salads are great too. Paleo, is that the diet that tries to follow paleolitic eating style? Eating vegetarian at home would make it hard on us I think.
      By the way I’ve added some links to great food blogs in my sidebar following your comment.
      I agree nutrition is fascinating. My husband and I are picky about our food, we avoid most processed foods (exception made for corn chips, chocolate and a few meat substitutes), in season I try to buy produce from the farmer’s markets as much as possible too. I end up always getting comments of what I bring for lunch at work as a result. Some people around me are just not used to cook.
      And nutrition and running are so important, I’m still learning what my body can handle before a run and what works best after. It’s a fun experiment.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! The basil cucumber infused water sounds good. We have some lemon basil right now that sounds like it would be good for that.

    I have never done a detox before. I mostly eat the foods you listed (fruit, salad, veggies, nut butter, nuts) but I am a carb queen. I feel like I would be seeking some kind of starch (i.e. nut butter on a piece of wheat toast. berries on quaker oat square cereal. or I might dip veggies in hummus…I’d also want some pita chips to dip in that hummus). The other thing is that I tend to have greek yogurt several times a week. Though I haven’t been downing greek yogurt like I was in the spring, I blame it on the 90(F)+ degree weather.

    Coworkers who have cut gluten out of their diet (without having a diagnosed gluten sensitivity) claim they feel less bloated.

    Re: adding root vegetables…I love sweet potatoes! (they are a root vegetable, right?) I just associate it as more of a fall/winter food.

    • Yes, I’m sure it will be great with it! The great thing with basil is that it can be infused cold.
      I was definitely seeking carbs. I usually eat two pieces of whole wheat toasts every morning, so it was weird to skip it. I’ve been eating more yogurt (plain whole or greek) lately tool. I was definitely missing the dairy during that week-end.
      Can’t remember if I felt less bloated or not, I don’t think I usually feel bloated anyway.
      And yes sweet potatoe is a root. On a detox program it was actually listed as a great breakfast option. That and turnips, carrots, beets, there are a lot of options out there.

  4. Thanks for sharing the nutrition details. I am always interested in how other athletes fuel their bodies. Were you really hungry, overall, during those couple of days? I would like to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. into my diet but never feel quite satisfied after eating similarly to what you did those two days. We are not vegetarians and try to incorporate a LITTLE chicken, beef, fish and dairy into our diets but would like to find a combo where we can eliminate a bit more of those foods and not be hungry! 🙂

    • I wasn’t as hungry as I thought. I usually snack on something after work (fruits and almond butter usually) and I did the same during those two days. I snacked in slightly bigger quantities but other than that no.
      I think if I am to redo this I will likely incorportate potatoes and legumes because 1) it’s more filling and 2)legumes are a great source of protein that I know my body is in high needs of. I’m thinking lentil salads, hummus, etc.
      Have you tried doing a meetless day and using legumes to replace the animal proteins? To me the best way to not be hungry is to cook really good food because it’s more satisfying. There are some good blog ressources for recipes too that have a lot of vegetarian recipes: 101 cookbooks, La Tartine Gourmande, etc.

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