Running With Diamond Brand

I run on my own a lot. My schedule can vary and it;s often just easier for me that way, plus not everyone follows the same training program so it’s hard to find people with the same running goals. That’s when a running group becomes interesting because there are a lot of people with different running levels.
Last night I got to try to follow one of the fast runners, it was fun to challenge my legs to keep up at a pace I wouldn’t have attempted on my own.

I’ve been meeting with Diamond Brand’s running since the early spring. The group meets every Wednesday at 6pm in various locations.  I love that there is  a mix of trail and road runs. It works good with the distance of my tempo run and I get to meet with other runners.

An other plus, our running group is organised by a local outdoor gear store and they have a reward program. For 10 runs with the group you get a free running hat, for 20 runs a free running shirt, for 30 runs a free pair of shoes!

Do you run with a group? What’s your favorite thing about it?

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