How Is Your Half-K Going?

I remember reading on Runner’s World about the comments that non runners tend to tell runners. Their understanding of the distance of a race is always amusing, sometimes even annoying.

We talked about it with a colleague at work who had just done her first 5k. Not five minutes later, an other colleague came in and asked her how she did “running that marathon”. We just cracked up laughing, she had just proven the point of what we had been reading.

I had another one this week-end, a friend of my husband started running recently and we all went on a run together. He then proceeds to ask me “How is your mini-marathon training going?”. I didn’t say anything the first time, but then after two more “mini-marathons” I gently corrected him that it’s a half-marathon and that I don’t think you can call any run a “mini” when it has 13.1 miles.

Did friends or colleagues ever give funny names to your races?


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