Half Marathon Training Week 6

French Broad River seen from the AT in Hot Springs, NC

I am way behind on my training updates. Preparing

for our trip to Alaska, the trip itself and coming back to a new job (got a promotion) would be some good excuses, but now it means I have to did in my memory to find details to share about the runs. I’m actually starting week 2 tomorrow which means tapering. Only two weeks until my first half-marathon.

Monday Speedwork
Goal: 10-20mns warm-up, 3x1600m @8:39-8:44 pace, 10mns cool-down

A lovely thunderstorm brought down the temperature from 92 to 73 degrees. What a relief. Temperature really affects the way I run.
It was my first time in a running skirt and I had a blast. I’m definitely going to be running the race with it.

1.48 miles @10.:10 pace in 15’04”
1600m repeats @7:32, 7:27 and 7:21 pace in 7’30”, 7’25” and 7’19”. Much easier than I thought.
1.12 miles @9:10 pace in 10’16”

Wednesday Group Tempo
Goal: 6 miles easy

Ran on the Mountain to Sea Trail from Hwy 74 toward the South. I ran a little past the rhododendron corridor, mileage is only an estimate because it’s a trail. Still a warm day but the shade of the forest did help.

6.2 miles 1h01’39” @9:56 pace

Long Run
Goal: 10 miles @9:59 pace

The temperatures dropped that day and I was able to run in the morning. So much easier. Still working out the breakfast/previous evening food though. My body wasn’t entirely happy with me. I made it back to the car ok but it didn’t feel comfortable. Not a trail where I felt I could run off in the woods if needed so I had to make it do.
I did get a nice comment from another runner about having a nice stride though.
The run was easy overall, little up and downs. I ran from the French Broad River to HWy 25 and back. Didn’t even feel the need for a gu/cliff and drank only half of my water.

10.28 miles in 1h37’39” @9:29pace

I hiked a few miles with a fellow French girl visiting the area where the picture was taken.


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