Half Marathon Training Week 4

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Running while on a cruise is not an easy thing. There are so many things to do, excursions, time to spend with family and I frankly don’t care for treadmills. The result was that I barely followed my training plan, but it didn’t stop me from having a blast.

Goal: 3x2000m

Simply put did not happen. I had plans on doing it on the cruise ship, but the last day the weather was crappy. We were to be at Hubbard Glacier that morning and while my goal had been to wake up early and go run, I was just too tired. Jet Lag and lack of sleep were catching up with me. So I slept in, chilled and had breakfast on our balcony while watching the Glacier with my husband. No regret there.

I ran 2 miles at 6:53 and 6:49 pace on the boat that afternoon. I attempted about .5 miles on the dreadmill because it was cold and rainy outside. But between my lack of treadmill understanding and the rocking of the boat it was not working. So I went outside. Sure the deck was slippery, sure it was wet and cold but I enjoyed it way more than the stuffy workout room. I don’t think I’ll ever bother with a gym membership at that point.

Tempo Run
Goal: 7 miles fartlek.

We picked the town of Hoonah, Ak for our outside run. A good choice because there was little to do but the cruise organized excursions there. I asked the guy at the docks how long it was to town, he said 1 mile. I asked again about a recommendation to go farther. He said continue until the road ends, but don’t go farther because there are bears and they see them in town sometimes.
So that’s what we did, my Husband joined me, we ran along the shore, saw several beautiful bald eagles along the way (the only wildlife I failed to photograph as I didn’t have my camera during my run). We ran through the small town, along the forest, and right passed the airport the road turned into gravel, which I took to be “the end of the road”, so I turned around and ran back. I took a break to pick up some maps at the National Forest center, passed a bald eagle nest and then caught up with my husband and back to the ship.

6.48 miles in 50’18” @7:45 Pace

Long run
Goal: 10mi @ 9:59 pace

Again did not happen. I was too tired from jet lag and simply lacked the time as we literally landed and I had to be at work 3 hours later. I did run 1.5 miles that day to stretch the legs but I had no energy on Sunday and just skipped it. We did hike 6 miles with 3000ft of positive elevation during the cruise to a beautiful glacier lake in Skagway, plus an other small hike in Juneau by Mendenhall Glacier, so didn’t feel bad about skipping.

Upper Dewey Lake in Skagway, AK

Alaska travel is told on my other blog.


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