Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon Pre-Race

Tomorrow I’m running my first Half-Marathon.
Yesterday I made us of the local’s night to go pick up my shirt and bib at UNC-A.
The expo was frankly disappointing. Not that much going on. I signed up for a few raffles and bought the 13.1 sticker I’ve wanted to put on my car.
No treats nothing. I was more impressed with the Dupont State Forest 12K which while they didn’t have an expo had a goody bag with gourmet salt and a few good coupons.

The T-shirt however is really cool. I like the design. The XS women size fits me. At last a race shirt that really works with my petite size, and the sponsors are not that big in the back.

As far as my goals tomorrow.
My C goal: 2h10mns and under
My B goal: 2h05mns and under (my 13 mile training run was in 2h04)
My A goal: under 2h.

Running skirt and work’s running shirt are ready along with a post run outfit (I’m lucky to have my brother in law and therefore a shower at his appartement available super close to the race). Temperature is going to be in the high 40’s to low 50’s so I’ll warm up with a long sleeve shirt and probably hand it to the husband before lining up.
Breakfast tomorrow should be half of a bagel with almond butter, half a banana and some coconut water.

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