Racing the Planes

While I was still training for the Half-Marathon, practicing on speed work, I realized how much I have improved since May. This made me really curious on how fast I could run a 5K. Which meant I needed to find one to sign up to, preferably close enough to the Half-Marathon that I would benefit from the training.

I heard about the Runway 5k before we went to Alaska but forgot to register and the fees went up. Well it turns out that the 12th Citizen-Times’ runners were getting a $5 off coupon. So I took that as a sign and registered.

This race will have 1/3 of its course on the runway. Yes, the very one where planes take off every day. And sure it’s a small regional airport, but really, getting to run on a runway, how cool is that? It will then go by the hangars and around the parking area. Scenic? Not too much, but I doubt one can find a flattest course in our area.

This race will likely only happen this year as they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the airport. And did I say that I just love their logo and that the proceeds will be donated be to Ladies Night Out, a regional organization that provides free breast cancer screening, a cause dear to my heart.


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