I Ran the Cupcake Classic Virtual Race

I saw RunwithJess’s Virtual Race announcement at the end of September. At the time I couldn’t run so I just put it on the back of my mind. But with last week-end run I started getting my confidence back and figured I would give it a shot. After all it was only 3.7 miles and I did feel disappointing that I couldn’t run the Runaway 5K. So why not a virtual race? A little fun challenge with no entry fees and a chance to win some goodies.

I signed up and received my “Bib” by email right after. Jess is super quick. I printed it and wrote my number and name on it.

I knew I wanted to go on Wednesday however it was supposed to be a rainy day. I checked the radar in the morning and it looked like it was going to clear up for a little bit. I made my way down to the park while it was still pouring rain. I almost went back home. But I was already  in running gear and really did wanted to go. So I called my husband at work and he confirmed that it was just about to clear up. A few minutes later it did and I was able to warm up and go.Carrier Park

There was no crowd, no finish line other than the one I had mapped in advance. The race was all in my head. I wasn’t even wearing the bib. Partly because I knew it would get wet, partly because well, I didn’t want to look stupid. I knew I would be happy to finish somewhere around 35 to 40 minutes since I was still recovering. I do have to stay that I started feeling it by the end of the race. My body let me know not to push it. Originally I wanted to time the 3.7 miles and then run longer but I felt it was more important to listen to my body telling me that was enough.

I was shocked when I looked down at my watch and realized I finished in 29’53”! So much for thinking I wasn’t pushing it, it was an 8:04 pace. While my body was showing its limits I am so thankful I did this little virtual race. It made me feel like I haven’t lost what I worked hard on. While I know you don’t lose all your running capacity in 2 weeks I know it does affect it though. I will need to work on mileage but my body still has the speed and that is a true joy.

Of course you can’t have a Cupcake race without the actual treat. So I made a detour to Short Street Cakes on my way home and got this lovely Sweet Potato cupcake with a cinnamon cream cheese icing. The perfect treat after a Virtual PR.

Below is my “official” picture. I can only say thank you to Jess for organizing this.

Cupcake Classic Virtual RaceHas anyone done a virtual race before?

Two Weeks Off Lowers the Miles

Fall LeavesThis last Friday, most of my restrictions were lifted. While my Doctor didn’t tell me anything about running or not, the other restrictions that were lifted made me feel like I should go by how I felt.

While I wasn’t back at 100%, last week-end I felt good enough to go run. We were visiting my husband’s best friend and his girlfriend happens to be a runner too. She took me to the park and we ran together. It was a beautiful fall day. It was cold, but the colors were amazing and the sun was slowly warming things up. We only ran 3 miles but I felt good. No pain 🙂

I ran the next day but had a harder time, although I think that could be due to the higher temperatures that day and the pancakes I had had for breakfast before I made the decision to run.

10/16: 3 miles @9:17 pace

10/17 3.1 miles @8:27 pace

I know I’m not going to be able to go on super long runs yet, I’m going to have to build things back slowly because I do feel my body limits. But it is oh so good to run again, to get a little sense of normalcy. It makes it easier to cope with everything. It makes me feel like my body is healing and I’m recovering. There are days better than others but that’s ok. My new motto is one day at a time.

Attempting to Eat Chia Seeds

This summer I received a $25 gift card to try out product from Swanson Health Products. I liked the fact that they offered several organic products. To me it was the opportunity to try out something I had heard a lot about: Chia seeds.

The package arrived quickly and I got my seeds. I’ve heard a lot about it in other running blogs: antioxydants, Omega-3, fibers, proteins, etc. I think it’s one of those plants some people call a superfood, like quinoa or blueberries.

According to the package, one of the easiest ways to use the seeds is to soak them in a hot or cold liquid for 5mns and then add them to a smoothie for example.

That’s what I did. And that’s when I had a hard time. The pretty grey seeds turned into a gelatinous mass upon which sight I couldn’t help but think about frog eggs.

But you’ve got to be brave in life, so I still added them to my smoothie. Thankfully the gelatinous effect disappeared, but texture wise it wasn’t quit it for me, the crunchy effect of the seed disturbed me a little. Not worse than when I used raspberries mind you, but it was there. I tried it in yogurt too but that really did not work.

Maybe I need to try it with different fruits or try with other recipes like muffins?

Do you eat chia seeds? How do you use them?

If you’d like to review some of Swanson Health Products as well, check out this post.

Side lined

I’m still unable to run. I’ve had to focus more on my health and there are things I can now feel. In a way it’s a blessing because I’m definitely not tempted to run from it.

It’s a little frustrating at work at times, everyone knows I love to run and they ask me how my running is doing. I lie and say I’m taking a break since the half marathon. I wish I could just claim a running injury, somehow it would be easier. I don’t want to have to explain, only 2 people know what is really going on at work and they don’t care about running in the first place.

My concern about running now is more that I’m having to take a longer break than expected. It’s going to be two weeks Wednesday since my last run and I’m wondering how much “damage” it’s going to do. Where do I start, will my body still be able to do long runs or do I need to almost start back from the beginning? I haven’t taken such a break since I took running more seriously in January.

But there will be a time for everything, now is the time for my body to heal. Tomorrow will be better.

Lululemon Speed Running Skirt Review

In August I bought a Speed Skirt from Lululemon. I was lucky to get it on the back to school Tax Free day for $54 even. Sure I could have found another running skirt for cheaper but I really liked that one.

One of the things that got to me is the style. Yes, it’s cute and that matters to me. I like to feel good in what I wear and that skirt did that. I love the pleats in the back (shown in the royal color), they move around when I run in a really cute way. I have gotten tons of comments by fellow runners, both male and female, must people asking me where I got it because they would like one too.

But it’s not all about looks I also love the technicality of it. It has a nice breathable material that wicks most of the moisture away. I don’t feel it on my skin at least even if I can see wet areas on the skirt after the run.

Below the skirt is a short with a grip band at the bottom. It does not move, actually if it wasn’t for stretching and bending needs I don’t think it would be needed because the skirt itself stays where it’s supposed to.

There are three pockets, one zipped in the back and two little pouches perfect to fit an energy gel in there.

I ran my half marathon in it. While I had  no chaffing issues prior to the race, I did find a little chaffing post race but below the skirt, so that had more to do with me. It worked great with my running, it’s short enough to allow speed work and just as flexible as a classic pair of short. It just has the added plus of making me feel fashionable and pretty when I run.

Do you have a running skirt? What do you look for in your running skirt?

My First Did Not Start

Yesterday I was supposed to run the Runway 5K.

Supposed to is the big word. I’ve had some health issues and on Friday the Dr said the one thing I didn’t want to hear: you can’t run tomorrow. It’s been a frustrating week and she took away my one coping tool. So instead of running I spend time with family who graciously welcomed me in while my husband was away.

The hardest part to me is that I felt fine. It’s just because of the medication I’m under that I couldn’t go. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Now I have to let my body heal and process the medication, hopefully it will be quick and I’ll be able to run and even to sign up for another race.