Lululemon Speed Running Skirt Review

In August I bought a Speed Skirt from Lululemon. I was lucky to get it on the back to school Tax Free day for $54 even. Sure I could have found another running skirt for cheaper but I really liked that one.

One of the things that got to me is the style. Yes, it’s cute and that matters to me. I like to feel good in what I wear and that skirt did that. I love the pleats in the back (shown in the royal color), they move around when I run in a really cute way. I have gotten tons of comments by fellow runners, both male and female, must people asking me where I got it because they would like one too.

But it’s not all about looks I also love the technicality of it. It has a nice breathable material that wicks most of the moisture away. I don’t feel it on my skin at least even if I can see wet areas on the skirt after the run.

Below the skirt is a short with a grip band at the bottom. It does not move, actually if it wasn’t for stretching and bending needs I don’t think it would be needed because the skirt itself stays where it’s supposed to.

There are three pockets, one zipped in the back and two little pouches perfect to fit an energy gel in there.

I ran my half marathon in it. While I had  no chaffing issues prior to the race, I did find a little chaffing post race but below the skirt, so that had more to do with me. It worked great with my running, it’s short enough to allow speed work and just as flexible as a classic pair of short. It just has the added plus of making me feel fashionable and pretty when I run.

Do you have a running skirt? What do you look for in your running skirt?


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