Side lined

I’m still unable to run. I’ve had to focus more on my health and there are things I can now feel. In a way it’s a blessing because I’m definitely not tempted to run from it.

It’s a little frustrating at work at times, everyone knows I love to run and they ask me how my running is doing. I lie and say I’m taking a break since the half marathon. I wish I could just claim a running injury, somehow it would be easier. I don’t want to have to explain, only 2 people know what is really going on at work and they don’t care about running in the first place.

My concern about running now is more that I’m having to take a longer break than expected. It’s going to be two weeks Wednesday since my last run and I’m wondering how much “damage” it’s going to do. Where do I start, will my body still be able to do long runs or do I need to almost start back from the beginning? I haven’t taken such a break since I took running more seriously in January.

But there will be a time for everything, now is the time for my body to heal. Tomorrow will be better.


2 comments on “Side lined

    • Thank you, I read your post (I still understand enough Spanish to get most of it, that alone made me happy). You share some good tips in there. I was actually able to run 3 miles this Sunday, it made me very happy. Not only was it good to run but to know that I’m better too.

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