Attempting to Eat Chia Seeds

This summer I received a $25 gift card to try out product from Swanson Health Products. I liked the fact that they offered several organic products. To me it was the opportunity to try out something I had heard a lot about: Chia seeds.

The package arrived quickly and I got my seeds. I’ve heard a lot about it in other running blogs: antioxydants, Omega-3, fibers, proteins, etc. I think it’s one of those plants some people call a superfood, like quinoa or blueberries.

According to the package, one of the easiest ways to use the seeds is to soak them in a hot or cold liquid for 5mns and then add them to a smoothie for example.

That’s what I did. And that’s when I had a hard time. The pretty grey seeds turned into a gelatinous mass upon which sight I couldn’t help but think about frog eggs.

But you’ve got to be brave in life, so I still added them to my smoothie. Thankfully the gelatinous effect disappeared, but texture wise it wasn’t quit it for me, the crunchy effect of the seed disturbed me a little. Not worse than when I used raspberries mind you, but it was there. I tried it in yogurt too but that really did not work.

Maybe I need to try it with different fruits or try with other recipes like muffins?

Do you eat chia seeds? How do you use them?

If you’d like to review some of Swanson Health Products as well, check out this post.

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