Two Weeks Off Lowers the Miles

Fall LeavesThis last Friday, most of my restrictions were lifted. While my Doctor didn’t tell me anything about running or not, the other restrictions that were lifted made me feel like I should go by how I felt.

While I wasn’t back at 100%, last week-end I felt good enough to go run. We were visiting my husband’s best friend and his girlfriend happens to be a runner too. She took me to the park and we ran together. It was a beautiful fall day. It was cold, but the colors were amazing and the sun was slowly warming things up. We only ran 3 miles but I felt good. No pain 🙂

I ran the next day but had a harder time, although I think that could be due to the higher temperatures that day and the pancakes I had had for breakfast before I made the decision to run.

10/16: 3 miles @9:17 pace

10/17 3.1 miles @8:27 pace

I know I’m not going to be able to go on super long runs yet, I’m going to have to build things back slowly because I do feel my body limits. But it is oh so good to run again, to get a little sense of normalcy. It makes it easier to cope with everything. It makes me feel like my body is healing and I’m recovering. There are days better than others but that’s ok. My new motto is one day at a time.

2 comments on “Two Weeks Off Lowers the Miles

  1. Thanks you for visiting my blog! As the date get closer, perhaps you can ask your sister-in-law if she wants to contact Kim & I through out blogs about the Maui race? If we can meet her at packet pick-up or before the race, we can find out what she looks like/what she’ll be wearing on race day and CHEER HER ON! I love having people to cheer for at races and since we’ll be done early, we can look for her on the course.

    • I talked to my SIL she thought it would be great to have someone cheer her up. I’ll talk to her again to see if you can figure out a way to meet or if I can share a picture of her so you can recognize her.

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