I Ran the Cupcake Classic Virtual Race

I saw RunwithJess’s Virtual Race announcement at the end of September. At the time I couldn’t run so I just put it on the back of my mind. But with last week-end run I started getting my confidence back and figured I would give it a shot. After all it was only 3.7 miles and I did feel disappointing that I couldn’t run the Runaway 5K. So why not a virtual race? A little fun challenge with no entry fees and a chance to win some goodies.

I signed up and received my “Bib” by email right after. Jess is super quick. I printed it and wrote my number and name on it.

I knew I wanted to go on Wednesday however it was supposed to be a rainy day. I checked the radar in the morning and it looked like it was going to clear up for a little bit. I made my way down to the park while it was still pouring rain. I almost went back home. But I was already  in running gear and really did wanted to go. So I called my husband at work and he confirmed that it was just about to clear up. A few minutes later it did and I was able to warm up and go.Carrier Park

There was no crowd, no finish line other than the one I had mapped in advance. The race was all in my head. I wasn’t even wearing the bib. Partly because I knew it would get wet, partly because well, I didn’t want to look stupid. I knew I would be happy to finish somewhere around 35 to 40 minutes since I was still recovering. I do have to stay that I started feeling it by the end of the race. My body let me know not to push it. Originally I wanted to time the 3.7 miles and then run longer but I felt it was more important to listen to my body telling me that was enough.

I was shocked when I looked down at my watch and realized I finished in 29’53”! So much for thinking I wasn’t pushing it, it was an 8:04 pace. While my body was showing its limits I am so thankful I did this little virtual race. It made me feel like I haven’t lost what I worked hard on. While I know you don’t lose all your running capacity in 2 weeks I know it does affect it though. I will need to work on mileage but my body still has the speed and that is a true joy.

Of course you can’t have a Cupcake race without the actual treat. So I made a detour to Short Street Cakes on my way home and got this lovely Sweet Potato cupcake with a cinnamon cream cheese icing. The perfect treat after a Virtual PR.

Below is my “official” picture. I can only say thank you to Jess for organizing this.

Cupcake Classic Virtual RaceHas anyone done a virtual race before?


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