First Wintery Run of the Year

It’s been kind of nice to slowly run again. Not being signed up for a race of any sort I just run for running, without a goal. I’ve been doing between 4 and 6 miles. I’m hoping to increase it a little soon, I miss going in Bent Creek’s long trail, especially Hickory Top’s 9 miler which I’m sure is beautiful right now.

This past week-end I visited my in-laws in Georgia. I made plans to run on the AT (Appalachian Trail) from Neels Gap going North since it was a little easier than attempting Blood Mountain. Well, we may not have had the snow storm that the Northern states got, but it sure was cold. It was in the low 30’s when I started and I was thankfully for doubling up a shirt plus long sleeves. My headband was welcomed on my ears as the wind blew a frigid air but I did miss my gloves.

I went up in the forest, no one was on the trail, it was eerie as the fog started to lift. I found the forest to be quite shiny. I thought at first it was the rain from last night, until I realized all the trees, leaves and branches were covered with a thin shell of ice. It was incredibly beautiful and I paused to admire it.
It was a little less fun when the wind blew and threw a bunch of ice pieces into my face thought.

The view from Levelland Mountain was amazing, again I took a break in my run. Now going up Levelland on the way back was no piece of cake and my run turned into a bit of a hike. Especially when my knee started hurting on the downhill, I felt like I pinched a nerve. It’s better but came back on my run this morning.

Do you enjoy running outside when it’s cold? What kind of winter gear do you use?


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