Taking Pictures on the Run

There is only one issue I have with running: I can’t really take my camera with me.
I don’t own fancy dslr with lenses, but I do own a bridge. While it’s been a great camera for the last 5 or 6 years, it’s bulky enough that it won’t fit in any pocket.Let alone be something I could take on a run, it would bounce around.

We don’t have one of the new fancy phones either. Our current one is 1.2mega pixel, and with no plans to upgrade to the 4G there is little option on the next upgrade. 2 to 3 mega pixel would be my best option.
To be honest, the 4G phones seem to big fit in my bottle’s pouch anyway.

We have a point and shoot at home but it still seem a little big. Maybe I need to look into getting an ultra compact one.

I did find two good articles on Runners World regarding cameras:

Runner Friendly Camera (2008)

Photos on the Run

Do you take pictures when you run? What kind of device do you use?

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