GU Isn’t Just for Sport

GU SampleOver the summer I ordered a bunch of GU product through The Climb. I’ve barely used them so far and I’ve had to try to keep my husband’s hands off of it. He thinks he needs it for a 4 mile run, I think it’s unnecessary until you start running an hour.With the little running I’ve been doing they’ve been mainly staying on the shelf, until Monday night.

Monday night I was scheduled to work an overnight shift: 11pm until 8am to cover the night manager currently on vacation. We had had a debate at work regarding what is the best thing to use to stay up:
-“Coffee” one said. I don’t drink coffee.
-“Red Bull” is what my manager swear by. I don’t remember it doing anything to me.
-“No, 5 hour energy drink is what you should take, you don’t get the caffeine crash” was my colleague suggestion.

Well I kind of procrastinated and by Monday night was still debating what to get. So when my husband suggested I just take  GU with me since it has caffeine, I thought why not? I could always drink Coca at work if it didn’t work. So the Jet Blackberry went in my pocket.
The week prior to my overnight I made sure to go to bed as late as I could, 2am the night prior. So until 3am I was fine. At that point I had my “lunch” a salad, since I couldn’t fathom real food. By 4am I started to feel the night, so that’s when I pulled out the GU. I’m not sure how fond I am of the taste, a little too chemical for me, I’ve enjoyed the mandarin one much better.
But guess what? It worked. At 6am I was still up and running. And while I’m sure that the walk through I did of the hotel helped as well, I had enough energy to make it through the night and drive home after 8am.

By then the effects were wearing off, which is just fine because my bed was waiting for me. I slept until 1:30pm and then went for a small 3.6 mi run to shake it off.

I read the back of the package and GU contains Coca leaf, no wonder it helped. That’s what the inhabitants of the Andes use to stay awake and feel neither hunger nor thirst. It might not be the use GU intended but if I have to work an overnight shift again, I’ll have a GU in my pocket.

What do you use sports energy product for other than sports?

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