9 Miles Are a Confidance Booster

Since I had to take a running break due to medical reasons I haven’t been back to my long runs. Well I did an 8 miles run early November, but my knee started hurting. Then I hiked about 10 miles with my husband’s sister and that knee was so painful on the downhill.

So I’ve been trying to be more careful and I’ve been using the foam roller that I won at the Half Marathon. It seems to be doing to trick because today I did my favorite loop in Bent Creek: Hickory Top. https://trailrunningchick.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=postA 9.36 mile run with about 830 feet of elevation change and I felt good. Sure the moment I stopped running I could feel the soreness in my knee, but it didn’t bother me at all during the run. What a confidence booster it is to be able to do a long run again.

Not to mention it was the perfect day to try a new purchase I need to talk about: a running jacket. The weather was partly cloudy with temperature in the low 40’s and a sneaky wind. I had a Watermelon Chump prior and a Sublime Lime GU gel during. I’m really not sold on the taste. I had it because I needed it, but I think that flavor wise I love Cliff’s products so much more, they have less of the chemical taste that I find in GU.

I only had a little piece of pancake, half a banana and some almond butter that morning, but ran a lot later than planned. On the way back I enjoyed a tortilla with a scrambled egg, cheese, salsa and lettuce.

This week: 5.94 miles on the Mountain to Sea Trail (2 of those with my husband) at an 8:58 pace

9.36 miles on Bent Creek Trails at 9:31 pace.

I’m still hoping to join my running group saturday morning. But I have to hope that we’re done with the attic insulation work my husband and his brother are starting tomorrow\.

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