Saucony Xodus 2.0 Review

I’ve had those trail running shoes since the spring and I’m absolutely in love with them. I love them so much I now own two pairs of Saucony Xodus 2.0. I’m petite: 5’1 and my feet sure match that. When I got fitted for trail running shoes the salesperson commented on how tiny my feet are. As a result there were limited options to what would really fit me, this was one of them.

Well let me tell you those Saucony fit me like a glove. I wish there was a road version of those. The narrow version of the shoe is just right for me. I usually go for 6 1/2 on city shoes, 7 is a better sizing for the running one.

I run with them on all sorts of trails: muddy, dry, rocky, gravel, gravel road, trails full of roots. I’ve never had a problem, they really do have a great grip.

If I remember correctly they are neutral shoes. In any case when running on trail it’s best not to have too much support. A trail running shoes is best when a little more rigid so you’re less at risk to roll an ankle or twist a knee by bouncing off.

They are also very comfortable, no odd pressure point anywhere and that from the very beginning. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with them. I have not tried running in snow or ankle dip in a creek, but my feet has not gotten wet so far neither humid from sweat. I’ve run anywhere from 5-14 miles in them with the same feeling of comfort.

After 200 miles on them the blue has washed off a bit, but they don’t stink and other than the mud they are not showing any wear and tear.

What Saucony says:

  • Durable running shoe for the most aggressive trails
  • 10.8 oz
  • An internal fit system that hugs the foot to handle various terrain
  •  Breathable, moisture wicking, anti-odor and antimicrobial Ortholite® insole
  • Heel ProGrid™ to absorb impact
  • SRC(Super Rebound Compound) Impact Zone and  Forefoot Cushioning
  • Vibram Trek Outsole

What I say:


  • I don’t get any blister issues with them.
  • They have a good grip. I have yet to fall with those (hoping I don’t jinx myself here)
  • The support is sufficient to be comfortable but not too much that it throws me off balance on the runs.
  • I love the lace pocket at the top. My laces stay attached no matter how long I run.
  • There is a metal loop at the front to attach gaiters if needed.
  • Reflective material on the front and back, although I don’t really run on trails at night so it hasn’t had much use.
  • I love the design and color but that’s very accessory.


  • I’d like the same shoes with a road version.

What is your favorite trail running shoe?


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