No Turkey Trot but a Trail Run

I didn’t do a Turkey Trot. I could have, there was one at the park a mile away from my house. But since I knew I was working a 2nd shift at work I wanted to get my beauty sleep. I’m actually glad I didn’t go, there was 1500 runners in the small park. People had to walk the first mile it was so crowded.

So instead I went to run in my own time in Bent Creek, my local favorite trail running spot. I was not alone there. Many bikers and runners had had the same idea: to run off before the turkey hit them. What a gorgeous day it was: perfect blue skies and temperatures going from the mid 40’s at 10am to the mid 50’s by 11am when I was done. A perfect day to run. I did 7.7 miles, starting at Rice Pinnacle parking lot, following Hardtime Connector, I ran on the trail section around the lake then up Pine Tree and Explorer Trails, looping back to the car. While I usually come across maybe one or two runners, today I saw over 10 of them. I shouted a few Happy Thanksgiving here and there. It was nice.

I’m also very proud of my husband who went home to see his family (lucky him he wasn’t working) and ran his first 6 miles in the company of his sister. It included two good uphill. It makes me glad because it means I can take him on some of my favorite trails runs now 🙂

I was thankful that I ran because our guests left lots of foods in the buffet room and I was able to have a Thanksgiving Dinner after all. I may have to go again after work tomorrow to be honest.

This year I am thankful for my husband, my families and being able to run. I couldn’t do without those three. Happy Thanksgiving.

PS: If you go to a hotel, a restaurant or any place where someone is working on Thanksgiving, take the time to thank them for it. We are taking time away from our families for You! And trust me, those thank you are rare. I had my first in three years tonight.

7.7 miles in 1:08:06 @8:50 pace

Monday Speedwork: 6.21 mi

Warm-up: 2.39mi in 21’15” @8:53 Pace
10x400m repeats: 1’40”, 1’39”, 1’37”, 1’35”, 1’34”, 1’39”, 1’39”, 1’41”, 1’35”, 1’38” 6:22->6:46pace
Cool off: 1.32mi in11’24” @8.38 pace


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