Looking at the Rain

I’m looking both at the rain and the weather forecast. The next 48 hours will be rain today and slush/snow tomorrow. The  rain has been tapping against our South windows and I see the branches moving too. According to the radar there are no breaks in sights. So unless I want to get soaked there is no running for me in the next 48 hours. Plus let’s be honest, with an international flight planned in the upcoming weeks I am not going to risk weakening my immune system. This is the kind of day when I understand appeal of a gym or a treadmill.

And yes I do have a water-resistant jacket but I know my feet would get soaked and I don’t want to damage the shoes.

What do you do when it rains? Do you gear up and go? Do you watch out the window like me waiting for the storm to calm down? Do you hop on the treadmill?


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