The Clymb

I have to blame my husband for introducing me to this site. It’s a private sale site for the outdoor lovers. I get daily emails for special sales that last just a few days, sometimes a few hours on well-known brands of outdoor gear. Their deals are usually a 50-70% discount which is huge when you consider how much outdoor gear can be.

I’ve avoided splurging so far but I’m already gotten some GU gels at dirt cheap rates. I’ve been drooling over winter running gear but trying to refrain myself because our budget isn’t allowing it yet.

Well what’s in for you? If you sign up through my link you get a $10 credit and so do I, this is valid until January 31st. There is no cost to join and it is invitation only.

If you want check it out please click this link: Invitation to The Clymb

Have fun shopping.


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