2011 Jingle Bells 5K in Pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures taking by our local newspaper for the Jingle Bell 5k. First of all my favorite team. The won the Best Team Spirit Award for Santa and his raindeer.  I just love the tutus, I look at this picture and I just want to hug the reindeer, seriously, how much cuter can you be?

I think next year I want to wear a tutu!

Santa and his Raindeers

Photo: Margaret Hester

I hear a lot about the Team Sparkle and sparkly skirts. What  better way to use them than dress up as Santa’s Little Helper with bright red colors and a happy smile.

Santa's Little Helper

Photo: Margaret Hester

Now back to business, this is a picture from the beginning of the race. The girl in green to the left won First Female Overall. I stayed fairly close to her the whole time, but she had more in her than I did. The dude in blue also finished in the top. Obviously I’d rather fly than run 🙂

Start of the Jingle Bell 5k 2011

Photo Margaret Hetcher

And the great finale: me acting like a goof. I was actually trying to wave at the photographer and smile. Instead I look more surprised that someone was taking a picture. I go from being way too focus on the finish to well looking like that. Oh and it also happens to be the picture that my HR team picked to put on their door to congratulate me for my result on the race. Which means every single person I work with has seen it. Brilliant! I’m not sure whether to be proud or totally embarrassed.
At least I’m wearing a costume, I think it helps with the goofy look. But I need serious lessons on how to look and act in front of a camera during a race.

Running like and Elf

Photo: Margaret Hetcher

Any lessons to share? Are you usually happy with your racing pictures or do you feel like me that you always goof off?

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