An Escape to Europe

Romanesque Church (10th-11th century), Merens Les Vals, French PyreneesMy blog has been very quiet in the past few weeks for the simple reason that we were away in Europe. The trip was planned since May but I didn’t want the dates to be known online. With the running I know my name can be found online with a little search and I had no wish invite unwanted people into our home while we were gone.

I cut back on mileage during the last two weeks of December, keeping it to barely 14 miles. There were days when I wanted to run but preferred to take time with my family. After all I can run all year round but my family is thousands of miles away and spending Christmas with them is a rare thing those days. The last time I was in France for Christmas was 2004, the year I met my husband. Somehow we’ve spend every Christmas together since then. This year was also my Mom’s family Christmas family reunion. It had been 8 years since I got to take part in it and I cherished every single moments of this. If you’re curious about Christmas in France, head over to my other blog.

I’m looking forward to share our runs in Europe. We escaped to Barcelona, Spain for two days and did two beautiful runs there. I also realized how difficult it can be to run not only on vacation but when you are not familiar with the place. I ran twice in Toulouse. I took my husband on his two longest runs ever. I ran in the mountains with my brother and husband, went skiing with my dad in my childhood home. It was a real treat that I will cherish for years to come.

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