Parc de la Ciutadella, Arc de Triomf and Medieval Streets

During our trip to Europe, I had planned for a three-day getaway with my Husband to Barcelona. The fun Catalan city is after all only 3 hours away from my Mom’s by train. While we had a few visits and a lot of eating planned, running was also high up on my list.

In fact the moment we got there, Hubby and I put on our running clothes and went out together. I used mapmyrun prior to our visit to plan a few options. I knew there was a Park right by our accommodation that would provide an easy run. Now one thing I learned during this trip is that you can only rely so much on mapmyrun to prepare a run. Let’s just say that some fences and gates are not always visible on a map… I learned that when running on vacation on should either: follow a local’s run or be flexible. We did the second option and it turned out all right.

Here is a map of our run:

Starting from the Bed and Breakfast, we “lost” ourselves in the small medieval streets going toward Santa Maria del Mar. From there we went straight toward the Parc de la Ciutadella. The Park has a mixture of straight and meandering trails. While my original goal had been to follow the meandering ones, I had a hard time finding them once there and completely reorganized my route. The park was beautiful though, with several fountain, water features, trees and sculptures.

But the biggest surprise was when we came upon La Fontana, a monumental fountain built in the late 19th century. Hubby and I looked at each other and decided to run to the top just because. It was fun, the steps were easy and we took a mini break at the top to enjoy the view.

From there we continued to the edge of the park and crossed the street. I wanted to see another monument while running: the Arc de Triomf. To get to it we just had to follow the wide pedestrian area from the Park’s North-West entrance. It was absolutely worth it with great views on the mountains behind Barcelona.

At that point I knew the run was really short, so we just went around the park to add some mileage. Nothing really exciting to be honest. I even started wondering where it was taking us as the road does a large half circle around the zoo. But then we saw the tramway line and followed it with the Park’s wall on our left back to the next entrance. We ran back into the park, went by the Museum of Zoology,  a really neat building. And then followed Calle Princesa back to our accommodation for a good shower. It was really a nice introduction to Barcelona and a treat for me to run there with my husband.

3.69mi, 34:00 @9:12 pace

How do you plan your vacation runs?


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