One Month One Hundred Miles

I can’t deny it, 2012 is starting pretty good for me running wise.

I’m still learning my body limits: how fast I can push without feeling my hamstrings, how hormones affect my ability to run, how  shin splint are never quite as far as one thinks.  I’m still learning what my body needs to be fueled right and work at its best, or how long it really take me from the time I get up to the time I hit the pavement.

But the training is going well so far (I need to do a recap to be honest). And I feel good. My shins were borderline two weeks ago so I eased a little bit on the pace, rolled the legs and did more yoga. It worked, it feels like it never happened.

I reached a milestone for me this month: 100 miles in a month. Until then I had never gone above 86 (that was back in August). I would have had 96 but I threw in an easy run with my husband this week, just because. It felt right and I was happy to run by his side.
It hasn’t been all rainbows: I’ve had some crappy runs, but I’ve also had some can’t wipe the smile away from my face kind of runs too.

Bring it on 2012, I like the way you’re starting.


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