My Body Isn’t Meant for Running They Say

When I talk running with non runners they are usually in awe as I give my current weekly mileage or latest long run. I would lie if I said it didn’t flatter my ego. Sure it feels good to hear that, but as I always say I’m by no mean the fastest runner, nor the longest distant runner. I train for it. I practice adding the miles, training my body, fueling. I make goals and strategies to get there.

But those talks often lead to an other common sentence: “My body isn’t meant to run”. Really? That’s your excuse?
I’m sorry but I’ve had to take lessons not to drawn in water, I had to take lessons and buy gear to ski down the slopes. But running? Running is primal. You learn to crawl, then walk, then run. Not by being taught lessons but just because it’s right. Instinct.

I’m not basing this on any research mind you. But running seems like a primal thing to me. You need to run to escape danger, to catch a prey, to protect a loved one. We run as kids, after a ball, to a tree, just for fun, because it feels good. It’s not because you grow a few feet or inches that your body changes that much.

So no, I don’t believe you when you tell me that your body isn’t meant to run. Sure it is. One foot in front of the other and pick up the pace. Now you may never be able to run farther than half a mile, you might never break a 5 minute mile (I doubt I will), but you can run. Anyone can run.

People think they have to achieve amazing speeds or distances to be runners. Nope. Just tie your laces, put on your Fivefingers or just go barefoot. What matters in running is to put one foot in front of the other and keep going until you’re done. When I read through the Complete Book of Women’s Running it’s one of the things I came across. Being a runner is not defined by speed, mileage, nor even by how many times a week you run. No, being a runner is defined by your head. If you feel like one, if you find joy in it, sorry to say but that makes you a runner.

2 comments on “My Body Isn’t Meant for Running They Say

  1. J’aime bien ce post. Il m’arrive aussi depuis 3 mois que je courre d’épater les gens (j’avoue que çà me valorise) sauf que tout le monde peut courir. Il faut juste en avoir envie. Malheureusement certaines contre indications tel obésité ou problème articulaire important pour ne citer qu’eux, interdisent cette activité. MAis effectivement la très grande majorité des gens pourrait se chausser et courir… C’est l’activité physique de base ouverte à un maximum de gens pour un minimum de frais. Et certains commencent à courir pour se remettre en forme et finissent par y prendre goût (et çà c’est cool).

    • Je suis d’accord pour les raisons medicales. Je pensais surtout aux gens qui me disent “mes jambes sont trop courtes, mon torse est trop grand, etc.” Vis a vis de l’obesite, il faut comme tous les debutants commencer par la marche avant de pouvoir courir.

      Sinon c’est chouette de voir l’admiration dans le regard des gens. Mon signe prefere vu durant une course disait “You are an inspiration”.

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