Training Sick Day

I’ve heard that long runs, above 90 minutes can affect the immune system. It’s supposed to lower the immune system for 72 hours.  Last Friday I ran for the longest time in my life and last night I was sick. It’s hard to tell if it’s a coincidence or not. But I know one thing: I’m not running anywhere today.

I started getting sinus pressure yesterday, which turned into a sinus headache, chills and burning eyes by the evening. Not so fun while you are at work, the manager on duty and have to finish your shift. I knew I had a fever before I even stuck that thermometer in my mouth. It felt as my skin, muscles, joints and bones were aching. With a 101.7 temperature I guess it was normal.

Thankfully I don’t have any major runs this week. It was the easier week with a 8 miles at tempo and a 12 mile run remaining. I might go for an easy run tomorrow before I go in for an overnight shift, same for Friday. I think for once I won’t worry much about the training plan. My body needs a chance to recover and while I feel better I still have low grade fever (around 99F).

One thing I’ve learned and keep on learning from running is to listen to your body. I don’t necessarily listen to the above/below the throat rule. I’ve run within 24h of being fever free from the flu and felt great. Heck if you ask me I’ll tell you it made me recover faster. But while this sinus infection is above the throat I could tell my body needed a rest. And that’s ok with me.


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