I May Be a Cheap Bar Date, But Not a Brunch One

I realized last year that drinking and running don’t always go that well together.
My running group often meets for a beer after a run. Last year I had lunch, met them at 6pm, ran 6 miles and ordered a beer. Mind you it wasn’t a Coor’s Light. We live in a beer town and micro-breweries abound with yummy treats that have a higher level of alcohol.
Thankfully for me I was on my bicycle, because trust me, one beer was enough. Yes, just one beer and I didn’t feel that driving a car would have been a good idea. I’m that much of a light weight those days. My husband’s friend think I’m lucky because it doesn’t take me much. I don’t because I’d rather know what I’m doing. So any alcohol intake has to come along with some food and pronto.

Between my job making me be home only after 11pm and running, I’ve really cut down on the alcohol. Oh I still get a cocktail from time to time, but I’ve learned to avoid drinking before a run and well right after. So that would make a cheap date, right?

Well drink wise sure, food wise, not so much. As an example, this is what I ordered for brunch after a 9 mile run. I ate pretty much all of it, only saving a little stuffed french toast for later. My husband at that point declared that I was not a cheap date when it came to brunch!

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how much I can eat since I’ve started running thrice a week. I’m hungry, often and breakfast or brunch is pretty much my favorite meal.

Have you changed the way you eat or drink based on your running?

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