Crummy Thirteen

I’ve been lucky enough so far to rarely get bad runs. I’ve had some tough ones from not fueling right, challenging ones and all, but rarely that feeling of just wanting to stop and get it over with.

Well Wednesday was not the case. The entire 13 miles I just wanted to walk. I felt sluggish and out of breath. It not like my body was having a hard time muscle wise but the motivation was not there. The cloudy sky was not helping my mood either,

Then on Friday I simply didn’t want to run. I just said forget it, skipped it and slept in since it was my day off from work.

Thankfully Saturday I was able to shake it off. I was still having a little harder time catching my breath but I made it through with a beautiful Georgia Sun. I need to post pictures from my run actually, it was quite nice and such a relief to know I wasn’t just burned out.

What do you do to get over a crummy run?

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