Living Up to Our Parents

My Dad and I skiing in the Pyrenees this winter.

I think it’s hard, not to say impossible, not to want to live up to the example set by our parents. Well it is with mine at least. While they’ve made mistakes, I still have high respect for a lot of things they did and do. Especially my Dad when it comes to the outdoors.

There are little sports that my Dad has not done outdoors. He is a mountain guide (not a mountaineering one, that’s different). Growing up he took us hiking, skiing, randonnée skiing, spelunking, canyoning, paragliding, snow-shoeing, climbing, sailing, you name it. As a child I loved it. As a teenager I rebelled and sat on my butt. I was done doing things every single freaking week-end.

But then I grew up a little more and hopefully got a little wiser. You can’t take a mountain girls out of the slopes.  I fell back in love with hiking in the mountains. I do feel that it also has a lot to do with how my husband and I met and fell in love. The only reason I didn’t run away from him when I met him (we were being set up and I knew it) is because we shared a love of the mountains and had something to talk about.

Then two years ago I got hooked on running and never looked back. Weirdly enough it is not a sport I ever practiced with my Dad. I did in school up to 20mns bu that was that. Running was my thing.

Last week I got an email from my dad. It said

Incredible that you’re already ready for marathon! I always dreamed to run one… but never found the time to prepare and always feared for my knees…

It might sound silly to you, but I smiled and felt so incredibly proud of myself. I put myself in a place where my Dad wanting to be, but never was and may never be. Little me  should achieve something my outdoors crazy father did not. Not only that, but I did it following my own path. With no pressure from my Dad. I didn’t even know until that email that he had an interest in marathon running.

I am not my Dad, I will not achieve what he did. But I am me, I follow my own path and will achieve great things when I put my heart, mind and body into it. Those two little lines made me feel proud.

7 comments on “Living Up to Our Parents

  1. Thank you for your response. I’ll just have to run again : 2 weeks stop due to lots of work and thigh soreness. Good luck for your marathon. And M…E as we say in French.

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  2. wouaouh, you had the childhood I dreamed of when I was a kid. Ok It was not that bad for me , we were in the Alps every holidays my parents had.
    I understand why you feel so proud.
    In my social ( I love that word) running club, few runners are training for a marathon, and I can’t imagine running one one day. But who knows ?

    Take care and enjoy your time running

    • My parents where busy often because we lived where they worked. But beyond that, I feel very thankful for all the outdoor activities I had a chance to do from early on.
      I never thought I would run a marathon. A year ago I wasn’t even sure I wanted to run a half. But as I progressed in my running, and mileage, I think I realized it wasn’t that far fetch. So why not give it a try I thought.
      It’s not for everyone, so far I think I like the half a little more because it’s less demanding. I think it’s more important to find what you enjoy to run that aim for crazy goals.

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