Embracing the Taper

I’ve read a few articles on Runner’s World about the taper to prepare myself. While I did a small taper prior to my first half marathon, I don’t think the difference was as tangible as it is with marathon training.

Going from three weeks in a row with over 30 miles of running to 25 is something I could feel. I know there will be doubts and the urge to run more at some points. I know I will have to shove those thoughts in the back of my mind.

But frankly right now, I’m enjoy it. My body is enjoying the rest and I can tell that my muscles need the break. Yes, there are times when I feel slow. When I looked at my time for the 13 miles “long” run last Saturday on a fairly flat course I was a little concerned. It was a lot slower than I would have expected, but then again I didn’t push it knowing that staying injury free is the most important thing for me right now. With 10 days to go I need to start watching what I eat a little more and prepare myself mentally for what is coming.

Any taper advice?


2 comments on “Embracing the Taper

  1. I don’t really have much advice but I just wanted to say good luck! You have put in the training and you will do great. I can’t wait to hear all about it. It will be a challenge, but a great accomplishment no matter what! If you happen to see/recognize me before the race starts, say hello!!!

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