Marathon Inspiration

The countdown is on, as I’m watching the Boston Marathon live this morning, I also look at my own calendar. In 5 days I will be running my first marathon. I must be a bit of a masochist because I didn’t pick a flat course. In fact this is what I read on the last lines of the Release of Liability for the Blue Ridge Marathon:

I understand that this is not a normal marathon, that it includes multiple uphill and downhill portions with a combined elevation change of over 7200′ for the full marathon.

Ah! With all that I know I will need inspiration. Inspiration leading up to the race, to tell myself I can do it. Inspiration to focus on while I run the race, to take me to the finish. Here are a few that I found and that speak to me:

“You’ve come too far to quit“. Oh yes! I agree, I’ve done the entire training program, I can do this. And when I will be racing, every single mile I will run will take me farther, too far to quit.

The marathon…Run the first 10 miles with your head, Run the next 10 miles with your legs, Run the last 6.2 miles with your heart “An advice I will have to try to put into practice.

Success is gain not by strength but by perseverance“, a quote just head over the broadcast of the Boston Marathon. I will persevere, but I will also find my own strength, may it be mental of physical.

You are an inspiration“. This quote was on a sign during my first half marathon. It spoke to me. As runners we do inspire people. I can’t tell you how many of my co-workers have told me that. How one of my colleagues always lets me know every time he goes for a run. He knows I understand and support it. I think as runners we are a community of strangers supporting one another for the love of the sport.

Which quotes inspire you to run?


2 comments on “Marathon Inspiration

  1. Avec une telle préparation et un tel mental. Il n’y a pas à dire, çà le fera. J’imagine que ce ne sera pas facile. Mais c’est pas la facilité qui t’attire dans le trail.
    Alors bon courage. Je penserai à toi.

    Mon marathon à moi se situe version étude et exam d’anglais.

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