Marathon Goals

I can’t go to a race and not have goals. That’s just no who I am. While I understand there is a lot of unknown in a marathon race, especially the first one, I still need to visualize what I aim for.

Now based on my 22 miles run, the McMillan Running Calculator tells me I could finish in 4:16 at a 9:47 pace. That sounds amazing, but I know that while I had some good hills, I didn’t have as much elevation during my training run as there will be during the race. So I’m being a little more conservative, especially since I have no idea how my body will do from mil 22 to 26.2.

My A goal would be to finish under 4:30.

I think it’s doable, I’d have to keep a steady pace and walk only a little. But if I can maintain what I did during training I can do this.

My B goal is to finish under 5 hours.

I see this goal as being the option if it’s a lot tougher than what I prepared myself for. If I need to walk for long periods of time and recover.

My C goal is to finish.

This is after all my firth marathon and I don’t care if I finish it by crawling but I want to finish it.

My race outfit is picked, the car tires rotated, the tank full of gas and I have a bunch of snacks and goodies to take with me. I’m excited and a little stressed but I mostly look forward to tackle my first marathon. I think it’s also pretty fitting for a mountain girl who loves the outdoors and lives by the Blue Ridge Parkway to run a first marathon: in the Blue Ridge, going on the parkway, in the mountains and on Earth Day.


6 comments on “Marathon Goals

    • No I had not seen it. Thank you so much. This is great. Ok a little scary too, but it will help me prepare mentally for it.
      And thank you, after watching the video (and even prior) I agree, it’s an accomplishment. I only have to hear my colleagues reactions to know it 🙂

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