A Sweet Steel Surprise

I finished my first marathon. Not only my first marathon but America’s Toughest Road Marathon. I am proud. Proud of reaching for the stars. Proud of training hard, listening to my body, listening to my legs and finishing strong.

I met my goal. I finished in 4:13:54 chip time. They had this great screen showing the results of the race as they came in. I was totally shocked to see that I finished 79th. Not sure how that happened. Yes it’s a small race, but still! So we figured we would go to the award ceremony just in case.

The overall winners did a great time. I was proud that I ran and talked with the Masters 3rd female. What an inspiration. She ran Boston Monday and then ran the Blue Ridge Marathon. A rock star in my heart.

Then came my age group. I thought I might have a chance at 3rd place, but it was a different name. The 2nd was a different city too, so I turned to Hubby with eyes that knew I didn’t get in. They weren’t announcing the times which I regretted a little bit. I wanted to know how close I had been.

But then the announcer said 1st of the 25 to 20 group from Asheville, NC…. And I was like OH SHIT! I turned to my husband for a millisecond. Him and I understood right away. There can’t have been that many Ashevillians here right? And then I heard my name. I was flabbergasted. Shocked beyond reason. Here I am, running my first marathon on a course that is advertised as the toughest road marathon and I finish first of my age group?!

The trophy is totally awesome and I also got to shake hands with running legend Bill Rogers.

Full report to come.


7 comments on “A Sweet Steel Surprise

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  2. Ah ben ca alors. FĂ©licitations . C’est du rĂ©sultat. Comme quoi un entrainement bien organisĂ© ca paie et puis aussi la coureuse semble plutĂ´t forte non ! :-).
    En tout cas encore fĂ©licitations et bonne rĂ©cup’.

    • Oui je suis certaine que l’entrainement a beaucoup joue. Je pense que certaines de mes courses d’entrainement etaient plus dure que le marathon meme. Surtout que quand tu t’entraines tu n’as ni benevoles, ni station d’aide, ni spectateurs.

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