A Case of Post Marathon Blues?

I’m totally doing some self diagnosis here. But I think I’m getting a case of post-marathon blues. I told this to my husband and he laughed, he said “it’s B.S”. (trust a guy who works with kids to use a “proper” version of a swear word). Hey I don’t think it is. Why else would there be 11400 results on google?

So yes, I’ve been feeling a little down the last few days. Not as motivated. I’m sure the lack of running is not helping. Nor is the (almost) unexplained knee pain that had me decided to take a few days off running. But I can’t blame it all on allergies or car problems now, can I?

I think that going from the rigid marathon training for four months, followed by the runner’s high, followed by well, almost nothing, is mentally hard. Where do I go from there? While I would love to sign up for another marathon, I know it’s not in the books for this year. Bad timing for us. And let’s be honest with myself. While I would love to cross another 26.2 finish line, I’m not sure I want to put myself through the rigorous training so soon. I’d like to enjoy running for running. I want to feel the joy of the trails. I want to run more often and spend time running with my husband. Running for a marathon is a big time commitment. You think, breathe, eat marathon.

I’m hoping my knee feels better by next week. I’m ready to train for a fun 15k. I’m ready to shrug off the marathon blues and just feel the joy of the run.

How do you deal with post race blues?

2 comments on “A Case of Post Marathon Blues?

  1. Effectivement après 4 mois d’entraînement intense et un magnifique marathon, le fait de “ne rien faire” ( enfin comparé à ces derniers mois) doit bien troubler le corps. J’imagine que ça devrait passer avec les prochaines courses et les décharges d’hormones qui vont avec derrière. En tout cas continue à courir car tu es un exemple pour moi :-).

    • Oui moralement ça va mieux, L’arrivée d’un nouveau short de course au courrier a aide aussi 😉 Malheureusement une douleur a la jambe m’empêche de courir pour le moment… Mais bon un peu de récupération et je m’y remet.

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