The Fear of No Running

What is it with us runners? Why is it that if we can’t run for say two days we feel we’ll never run again?” That all our hard work to get to that level will go down the drain? I can have my feet off skis for two years and not worry about it. But take them off the trails and it seems like it’s the end of the world. I guess they are right when they say it’s an addiction.

I didn’t run for three days to give my legs a rest. It seemed like an awfully long time. I went for  a run on Monday since my legs felt better. After a mile or two that had changed. My 5 mile run turned into 3 and a half or so. I felt pain pretty much from my hip to my ankle along the iliotibial band. So here I am, less than two weeks away from a 15k and looking at taking several days of rest instead of training.  It’s frustrating. But what choices do I have?

Option 1: Run through the pain and likely be unable to finish the 15k.

Option 2: Rest, Ice, Stretch but run little and hope I can run the 15k.

It’s hard in my mind. I doubt myself. Can I finish a 15k if I only run 3-9 miles for three weeks in a row? But then I have to remind myself. I did run a marathon two weeks ago. My body can do this. My body needs the rest. My iliotibial band will likely thank me.


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