Favorite Snack: Almond Butter on Apple Slice

Let’s start with a simple fact: I love nuts. I have a collection of nuts that I get at the bulk bins of our local store (Earthfare). We pretty much have a trail mix shelf which has everything: dried fruits, nuts covered in chocolate, almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, etc. My favorite nut is probably the hazelnut. I grew up with it and snack on it anytime I can. Unfortunately they are a little expensive on this side of the ocean. It might have to do with the fact that I yet have to see hazelnut trees in this country?

Americans love their peanut butter like French people love Nutella. Well, I wasn’t raised on this side of the ocean. And while I will eat peanut butter, I don’t have the craving for it that my husband displays. If he makes a PB&J sandwich for a hike, I’ll make an Almond butter, honey and banana one. I’ll cook with peanut butter and eat small amounts. But I’m far more interested in other butters. Truth is I don’t eat that many almonds on their own. But grind them and you find my addition. I don’t know what it is but I can eat almond butter like I used to it Nutella.

I like almond butter on crackers with a hint of honey, or spread on bananas. But my favorite way is slathered on a crisp slice of apple. A little match made in heaven.

I usually buy my almond butter in the bulk section. Our store has a grinder and you can make it fresh. However today with one car under repair and the other with my husband at work I found myself car-less and gasp! almond butter less! What’s a girl to do? Well find a good basic recipe for homemade almond butter of course.

It was easier than I thought. The food processor does the entire work. It does take quite a while however. But here’s the kick: you can create the butter you want. I started with almonds and added a little sea salt, cinnamon and honey. It was delicious.

What’s your favorite snack?


15 comments on “Favorite Snack: Almond Butter on Apple Slice

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  12. Oh ca c’est pas un bon post:-)Mais alors pas du tout. Je n’avais pas encore eu l’idée de faire mon propre whatever nut butter. Ben, maintenant je l’ai (l’idée). Damned va falloir aller courir. :-).
    Moi du moment qu’il y a des noix, je suis preneuse. J’adore. Merci pour l’idée.

    • Je m’excuserais si ce n’etait pas aussi bon et facile de le faire soi meme. En terme de prix pour moi ca reviens au meme ou presque que l’acheter a Earthfare, mais en terme de gout je prefere celui fait maison. le seul probleme c’est que du coup j’en mange encore plus…

      • C’est bien le problème quand on trouve ca meilleur, on en mange plus. Par contre comme il faut prendre le temps de le faire… Ca peut aider. En tout cas j’espère que tu avais remarqué que je blaguais. On sait jamais trop quand on écrit. J’espère ne pas t’avoir vexé. Va falloir que je le fasse ce butter…

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