Finding My Joy on the Trails

The longest run I’ve done since the marathon was the Biltmore Kiwanis 15k. I’ve struggled with IT Band issues a few weeks after the marathon and just had to take it easy. At the same time last year I was already training for the Asheville Half Marathon. At this point I yet have to sign up for the race, let alone train for it.

Once I started feeling better, I decided to follow the Runner’s World Running Streak challenge. The goal was to run at least a mile daily until July 4th. Well let’s be honest, I’m out. I did not run yesterday because I just felt too tired and just wanted to chill. Even one mile did not appeal to me. But that challenge was enough in the first two weeks to give me back some good training free running joy. I ran every day with a minimum goal of a mile, not caring how far I would go. Getting to run daily also allowed me to take some slower days where I could follow my husband at a slower pace instead of torturing him at mine.

This resulted in some beautiful trail runs that we shared together. One of those was an easy 2ish miles run right in the Craggy Gardens area. Another one at Graveyard Field which I’ll need to share with more details.

While I love training for a race, there is something so incredibly satisfying in running just for fun, on trails, with my husband. To share the love of the outdoors together is something I look forward to do more in the coming months. Last week I was running with a grin glued to my face the entire time. The freedom of the trail, of not having to plan for a specific length, to just go for fun, stop if we feel like it, run like rabbits and jump in cold water at the end. This is why I run, for that feeling, not for a medal at the end, but for the moments shared and experienced.

PS: I am looking forward to doing a few longer runs again, now that my legs feel back to normal.



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