Mezamashii Run Project and Vega Shake Sample

It seems that shoe companies love the internet buzz. Hey why wouldn’t they, right?

So the Mezamashii Run Project. Mizuno shoes. Ok, I’ve tried them in the store once but went for Saucony instead. So I really don’t know if it’s a shoe I like but I do appreciate that they offer narrow versions of most of their shoes because that’s what my tiny feet love.

Let’s be honest, running shoes are expensive and I will never turn my back on a shoe giveaway. That’s exactly what Mizuno is offering: weekly sweepstakes via a system of invitations for a chance to get the pair of Mizuno of your choice. Yes you hear me, you get to pick whichever one you want. Not only that but if you win, you receive an invitation and get to pick someone else to get a free pair of shoes. If that’s not spreading runner’s love!

I love that they have several shots of trail running. I’d be curious to see what their trail running shoes are like.

So if you want your chance to win a pair of shoes, please go here and sign up for an invite. If you want to know more about the Mezamashii Run Project then go to their news page.

On the brilliant run matter. I can’t say I’ve had a run that felt brilliant recently. My body has been sluggish and acting up with the summer heat. But I still have in mind some brilliant trail runs I did with my husband and I look forward to get that feeling back.

Do you own Mizuno shoes? What do you think about it?

And on getting free stuff…

I get a newsletter from MamboSprouts (coupons for mostly healthy stuff) and they had a link to get a free sample of Vega products. I’ve heard of it as being a healthy more natural option so I thought I would share in case any of you want a sample too. It’s for their Vega One Nutritional Shake: Click here (while supplies last). You just have to sign up for their newsletter.


Embracing the Short Run

I consider myself to be more of a long distance runner. One of my favorite distance is 9 miles and I also took more satisfaction out of running a half-marathon and a marathon than I do running a 5k. Earlier this year, my shortest run was 5 miles. I was training for my first marathon, running thrice a week and pushing my body to where it had never been before. For a while I even looked down on anything shorter than 5 miles, it barely seemed like a run to me…

But then I stupidly hurt myself. IT Band injuries are no fun.  I first took some rest then eased back into running because I had a race coming up. I knew I wasn’t 100% but I wanted to do it. I ran a 15k and the IT Band flared up again. It was frustrating. So I took some rest again.

Then I did one of the best things I could have done for myself. It wasn’t not running. It was signing up for the RW running strike challenge. The goal was to run at least a mile every day between Memorial Day and July 4th. I can already tell you that I didn’t make it everyday. However it was exactly what I needed. The challenged allowed me to maintain weekly mileage without pushing too much and magically my IT Band issues went away. The short and easy runs seemed to be what my body needed. Just enough to stretch the muscles but not too much so as not to pull it. I was challenged to run daily and yet could decided however much or little to do.

I did pretty good the first two weeks but the combination of hot miserable weather and a slight burnt out feeling had me skip a few runs. Add on top of it a week of bronchitis where I had to totally stop and I find myself two month after my marathon with no run longer than 9 miles (and that way in May). I could be frustrated at myself. But I don’t think I failed my body. I needed the rest. I needed to find joy on the trails, I needed to be away from a training program with set mileage. Today I’m going to start to build back my long distance runs. But I’m not going to push it like crazy in the summer heat. I’m going to embrace every single short run. Because a short run is still a run and that’s all my body is asking for. Because this  has allowed me to have so many more joyful runs shared with my husband by my side.

What do you consider a short run?