A Little Secret and a Riddle

So… I have a good reason for the lack of blogging lately. Let’s see if you can figure it out.I do apologize that I can’t figure out how to embed the video directly into wordpress so you’ll have to click the link. Or you can go to my personal blog.


The Penguin Vs. The Stink!

I don’t know you, but when I come back from a run, I sure don’t smell of roses. It doesn’t matter that I take regular showers and use deodorant. When I run I sweat and sweat is stinky. Worse it seems to permeate all of my running clothes over time. The worst being my running bras. They soak in the worst of the sweat and frankly after a while they smelled even before I went for a run. Yes, you know that awful permastink.

The permastink stage is when the smell does not go away even after the item was washed. That is usually the point when my running clothes meet the trash can. But it can be frustrating. First of all running gear is expensive, second I hate to throw something away after what sometimes seems only a few months of (heavy) usage. And then I heard about the Penguin Sport Wash. Someone tried it as part of a running swap and I figured it was worth a shot. And boy am I glad we got it!

My husband wasn’t convinced at first but he still went for the $18 sports detergent when we found it at REI. And let me tell you, it was love at first wash. The clothes came out smelling clean, yes even my oldest sports bra. The difference with regular laundry detergent was amazing. I was about ready to throw that bra away and now I can still wear it (without feeling like I’m about to poison myself)!

I should also say that my husband is highly sensitive to a lot of laundry detergent. Tide and him will never, ever be friends. So he was a little weary of how he would react to this one. Well it turns out he had no problem whatsoever. I think it helps that this is not a scented wash and that it’s biodegradable.

We ‘re lucky to have a high-efficiency washing machine, so half a cap is usually sufficient. However do not do like we did once and throw the towels you sat on in the car after running with the rest of your running clothes. I had to do a second wash. Towels do not need a special sport-wash to be cleaned unlike my sports clothes. It turned out to be a waste of detergent and washer energy. From now on we are doing a running clothes dirty pile to wash them separately.

I was not contacted by Penguin Apparel Care, nor provided any free sample. This bottle was paid with my own dollars and I was just too excited to see the difference in my running clothes not to share. If you are curious about the product, you can go on their website.

Penguin 1-Stink 0

Do you use a sport wash for your running gear or regular laundry detergent?

Bikers, Learn the Trails Etiquette

I run a lot in Bent Creek. It’s a really fun piece of the woods with multiple users. I know some people go horseback ridding, although I yet have to come across a horse on the trails, there are tons of mountain bikers, runners and hikers. With multi-usage comes a strong need to respect trail etiquette. There is of course the basic courtesy which states that Bikers should yield to all, and runners should yield to horses.

Now let’s be honest, when you’re hiking and you hear a bike, common sense makes you get the hell away from their path to avoid any point of impact. When hiking I go by safety first rather than who should yield to me.

However when I’m running it’s a little different, I sometimes go faster than bikes (uphill) or at a pace and place that might make it difficult to be passed. When I’m running I also don’t want to stop unless I absolutely have to. And this is where trail etiquette and courtesy come in.

When I come upon hikers, I announce myself. Trail etiquette to me means:

1)announcing yourself (to avoid scaring people preferably)

2)stating which side you will pass people from “Passing to your left”

3)If on a bike it should also include a)”Runner’s up” to warn your friends and b) “x more coming” to let you know how many more are coming up if there are.

Pretty basic and logic right? So allow me to rant when we ran today and had a bunch of idiots on their bikes coming up behind us on the trail. At no point did they announce themselves. The path was wide so we were kind and stayed to the right. When they started passing us I said loudly “Passing to our left I guess?” One of the guys answered “Yeah”. They came from behind us and I could tell there were a few of us so I felt I had to ask “How many more coming?”. Mr. Smartass on his bike said “10!”, and the guy right after him said “more like 5”. Mmh great guys, now we don’t know, so much safer.

When people don’t follow trail etiquette, do you keep quiet or do you feel like educating them?