Pregnancy update Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5

3 weeks pregnant, didn’t know it yet. Out trail running

When I looked for running during pregnancy, I found very little about the first trimester. Most women wait until the 2nd trimester to share the news.  I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to keep up running so far and want to share how it went during the first trimester.

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until my period was due. I didn’t want to test too early. So some of the runs I did were prior to me finding out.

Week 2:

The second week of pregnancy is when conception happens. Your body doesn’t even know there is a pregnancy yet. Progesterone levels do rise but similar to what they do every cycle (pregnant or not)  as a result my running was perfectly normal. Implantation can happen starting day 7. At that point I did have one symptom starting which was really sore breasts, something I don’t usually experience. By Saturday I started feeling a little sluggish, but that’s something I usually experience during the luteal phase.

At that point I was attempting the Runner’s World Running Streak, which meant I was running at least a mile everyday.

Sunday 1.67mi @9:39 pace, road
Monday 5.36mi @8:50 pace, road (greenway)
Tuesday 1.66mi @9:02 pace, road
Wednesday 3mi @9:13 pace, trail
Thursday 1.71 @9:22 pace, road
Friday 6mi @10:09 pace, trail
Saturday 3.25mi @9:29 pace, road

Week 3: 

This was an interesting week for me. I started by skipping a run on Sunday because I felt tired. I was having an easy week. I didn’t want to push my body too much since we were trying to get pregnant and I knew this week to be crucial for implantation. Tuesday’s run was hard, it was super hot and I really struggled to run more than my husband. Looking back we realized why. There was one day when symptoms made me think I was about to start my period. I was a little mad at my body and took my energy onto a 7 miles run which was just what I needed. Surprisingly my period did not come the following day as I thought it might. Instead I started getting really, really thirsty. All week my breasts had also been very sore and growing! I started wondering if I could be pregnant and decided to skip a run.

On Saturday morning I couldn’t wait any longer and took a pregnancy test. I had my answer within 30 seconds! I was excited but also very nervous given my history and frankly at that point scared to run.

Monday 3.98mi @8:59 pace, road
Tuesday 2.9mi @10:16 pace, trail
Wednesday 7.32mi @9:23 pace, trail
Thursday 1.66mi @9:08 pace

Total: 15.86mi

Week 4:

Mood: After last time, I have to be honest, I was scared. What if something went wrong while I went running? It took my husband to convince me I would be all right. So I celebrated by a Father’s Day run (yes we found out we were expecting the day before father’s day).

Medical: I had two HCG (pregnancy hormones) quantitative done. They turned out not only completely normal and doubling every 48 hours as they should but also way higher than what I experienced during the ectopic pregnancy. It was incredibly stressful to wait for the second result but such a relief to know it was normal.

Workout: The 4th week was fine, perfectly normal even other than me trying to be attuned to everything going on in my body. I was running at my normal pace and other than needing to adjust my sports bra size I felt completely normal. My running pace had not changed much, but I also went for how I felt and didn’t try to go a any specific speed. I was breathing a little harder, but not much more than during the luteal phase of my cycle. However taking water with me on any given run became a necessity. I had not checked with a practitioner if running was ok yet, I felt I could because 1)it felt right and 2)I had been a runner long enough.

Sunday: 3.1mi @8:48 pace, road
Monday 1.26mi @8:57 pace, road
Tuesday 2.3 mi @8:53 pace, road
Wednesday 5.36mi @9:27 pace, road
Thursday: walk 1.6mi
Saturday 5.43mi @9:47 pace, trail
Total: 17.45mi

Week 5

Symptoms: Unfortunately that was cut short at the beginning of my 5th week. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that pregnancy lowers one immune system and I was there to prove it. Within a week of finding out we were expecting I found myself with the nastiest cough and a visit to the Clinic to hear exactly what I thought: Bronchitis. No antibiotics (not that they would do much against a virus anyway) for this lady. The physician prescribed rest and drinking plenty of fluid. Well that was not a problem, as I had just recently found that for someone who had not enjoyed naps since I was a kid  suddenly needed a daily one. And as far as drinking fluids you now couldn’t find me without a water bottle in hand anyway. Even if I had not been pregnant I would not have gone running, chest coughing is no joke and I did not want this to turn into something worse that could threaten my precious cargo.

Mood: Scared by the spotting. I thought it was over again. Somehow I manage to make peace with myself and decided that I would be ok no matter what happened. Then we had the ultrasound and I felt 200 million times better and relieved.

Medical: Most women don’t have an ultrasound until they are 9+ weeks along. Due to my history it was imperative to see where this one was. I can not tell you how relieved I was to see the image on the sonogram. While I had a feeling deep down that everything was ok. I did experience a little spotting that week that made me fear the worst. But we saw a yolk sac and a fetal pole right where they should be. I was officially pregnant.


Sunday : walk 1.3mi
Saturday: 5.43mi @9:47 pace, trail

Please, let me know if you have any questions


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