Pregnancy Update: Week 6, 7, 8 and 9

8 Weeks

Week 6

Symptoms:As I hit week 6 I suddenly found myself with no appetite. I had did have two odd cravings. I decided I wanted a hot vegetable soup the day we had 102°F! And all I wanted the next day was blueberry pancakes, but that was after racking my brain to find something that appealed to me. It turns out I actually could handle food just fine. It didn’t make me sick, I just had lost the feeling of appetite. I probably ate a little less but it wasn’t so bad. I kept on expecting for morning sickness to come but it didn’t.

Naps became a daily necessity.

Mood: I was relieved the embryo was in utero but still waiting for the viability ultrasound. My husband felt that I was complaining about my symptoms, truth is I felt thankful to have them. By the end of the week I didn’t feel as many symptoms and scared myself into thinking something was wrong. Had a nasty argument with my mother in law. Not so good for the mood.

Workout: I resumed running as soon as my bronchitis cleared. However I quickly found my pace to be slowing down. This wasn’t just the heat or bronchitis recovery. This my friends is the hormones effect. Breathing was harder and it was more of an effort to run. However I have heard that exercise helps to have more energy and can help nausea so I did not give up on it.
Sunday: walk 1.26mi
Tuesday: 3.1 mi @9:12 pace, road
Wednesday 3.09mi @8:57 pace, road
Friday: 4.42mi @10:55 pace, trail
Total: 10.61mi

Week 7:

Symptoms: Still no appetite. I just made myself eat. Tired.

Medical: Second ultrasound at 7 weeks 3 days. It looked like a blob. But the little blob had a heartbeat. The obgyn pointed at a tiny flutter on the image, the heart. I think it’s at that point that I realized it was real. I was really pregnant will a little 1cm long embryo.

Mood: Still angry at my MIL for the state she put me in. So relieved to know our little embryo looked just fine.

Workout: I talked to my obgyn regarding running, she pretty much said that since it’s something I did before it was fine to continue. The important part being to hydrate well and listen to my body. Cramps or bleeding would be a sign to stop. She also mentioned long runs were not a problem per say, my bladder would probably bring restrictions however.

Sunday: 3.1 mi @9:13 pace, road
Tuesday: 3.1 mi @9.34 pace
Wednesday: 3.1 @8:59 pace, road
Saturday: 5.4 @10:07 pace, trail
Total: 14.7mi


Week 8:

Symptoms: Almost threw up during a run, due to it being trash day. I barely made it without puking.

Medical: My chiropractor was able to feel the uterus.We also interviewed a midwife practice and decided to switch over to them.

Mood: Good. Ego took a hit when my husband started passing me on the trails. I’m used to be the fast one and had to remind myself there was a good reason for and that it was no time for competition.

Workout: The uphill started getting really difficult. I started taking my first walking break on some of them.

Monday: 3.1mi @9:24 pace, road
Tuesday: 3.1 mi @9.22 pace, road
Wednesday: 6.44mi @9:52 pace, road
Total: 12.64mi

Week 9:

Symptoms: Longer runs take a toll on my energy. I have to take a long nap after them. My appetite is a little better.

Mood: Had a wonderful week. My other MIL (Oba) came from Hawaii and we had a wonderful visit with them. They were thrilled at the news and “Oba” (grandmother in Japanese) was checking on me all the time.

Workout: Drinking a lot more water during my runs. Some walking on trail runs. Had one of the best runs in a while this week where I felt I had a lot more energy and speed.

Monday: 4.67 mi @9:25 pace, road
Tuesday: 2.64 mi @8:59 pace, road
Thursday: 7.17mi @10:55 pace, trail
Total: 14.48mi


2 comments on “Pregnancy Update: Week 6, 7, 8 and 9

  1. Congratulations with your pregnancy!!! 🙂 I am a tiny bit further, and it’s nice to be able to read posts from someone who has a due date close to mine! I am 11 weeks today – come on over to see me at if you want to read about me complaining about pregnancy symptoms lol!!! I hope your nausea lightens up soon…that is one of my biggest complaints! I got sick every day with my first but this time around I am not getting to the point of actually getting sick…hey, I’ll take it!!!

    • Thank you and congratulations on yours. I’m actually 16 weeks right now and just trying to catch up on the pregnancy running posts 🙂
      It turns out that I never got nausea, just a lack of appetite, I’ve been very lucky to have only mild symptoms so far. I’ll come over.

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