Pregnancy Update Weeks 10, 11, 12 and 13

10 weeks and off for a run

Week 10:

Symptoms: Appetite is coming back. I still crave fruits a lot.

The Belly: Until now I could feel some bloating at the end of the day and sometimes needed a hair tie to close my pants. But this week something happened. As I woke up one morning I could feel something harder above the pubic bone. I think it’s the uterus. Something is happening!

Mood: Very excited to find out about someone else’s pregnancy who is dear to my heart but I will have to keep the name unknown a little longer. It’s good to give each other support.

Workout: Running got a little easier this week. I think getting close to the end of the 1st trimester really helps. I had more energy and didn’t feel that I was struggling as hard on my runs. I had to take some walking breaks on my long run however, but even the 8 miles felt good although the average pace felt pretty slow. The cooler temperatures this week helped a lot. I’m trying to run four times a week again. The last run on Friday took me a little longer to warm up than usual.

Sunday: 3.1 mi @8:52 pace, road
Tuesday: 8.04 mi @10:41 pace, trail
Wednesday: 3.1 @8:52 pace, road
Friday: 5.36 @9:10 pace, road
Total: 19.6mi

Week 11:

Symptoms: I felt my sciatica wake up a little after a chiropractor appointment. She said it was normal, things are shifting in there. Unfortunately it flared during a run this week and has come and gone every since. I have a history with sciatica so I just need to do my exercises more.

Medical: I had my first midwife appointment. It went well and I got to hear the heartbeat over the doppler for the first time. A healthy 160 bpm. My blood pressure was at 60/100 which would seem low unless you consider it’s pretty normal in the first trimester. Uterus measured where it should, all is well.

Mood: Surprisingly the heartbeat didn’t make me feel all emotional. I think for me it meant more to see the heart flutter at 7 weeks. But it is reassuring to know all is well since there are times when I have no symptoms. I shared the news with my family following the ultrasound. Everyone who figured out our little riddle was pretty excited.

Workout: Except for the sciatica flaring up, the running went well. But the back pain does concern me. I’m trying to run with it, adapt my pace and work on my posture.

Sunday: 3.1 mi @9:22 pace, road
Tuesday: 3.1 mi @8:50 pace, road
Wednesday: 4.64 @10:11 pace, trail
Thursday: 3.1 @9:28 pace, road
Total: 13.94mi

12 weeks: I think there is something in here

Week 12:

Symptoms: Having to take more pee breaks during the runs. I used not to have to worry about that… well I guess the uterus is applying pressure on my bladder now.

Mood: Happy. We’ve been together for 8 years and have a little one on the way. I couldn’t ask for a better present. I also share the news with my managers at work and they were just really happy for me 🙂 Everyone asked if I was still going to run. We received our first baby clothes!

Workout: Started pre-natal yoga. This class felt more like prenatal exercise, I didn’t find the usual breath and fluidity of yoga but it was interesting non the less. I took a few days off running to give a rest to the sciatica. Running on the uphill is definitely harder and requires  more breaks.

Monday: 5.32 mi @9:23 pace, road
Tuesday: Pre-natal yoga
Wednesday: 3.1 @9:09 pace, road
Thursday: 9.2 @10:22 pace, trail
Total: 17:62mi

Week 13:

Symptoms: Got moody at times. My poor husband, thankfully I don’t get those mood swings too often.

The belly: Something is happening and I don’t think it’s just bloat. My regular size pants don’t fit quite as well anymore.

Mood: (See symptoms). Got a little scared after a fall but everything turned out fine. We share the news with our friends, it’s now officially official and we couldn’t be happier.

Workout: I found another pre-natal yoga class, at the Asheville Community Yoga and I like it so much better. It still feel like yoga but just adapted to pregnancy. Not as many ladies as the other class, a little more driving but I can make it to this one every week and it’s donation based too..

The running went well at the beginning of the week but then I had my long run. Now we went out the night before to a concert and I slept in as a result. It was warmer than I had hoped by the time I ran. My GI system wasn’t agreeing with me. I had to take so many walking and pee breaks and I was just getting tired. I think I did not fuel well enough during the run. I met my husband on the way back and shortly after took a fall. It shook me a little. My first fall ever on a run and here I am, pregnant. Great. I had to walk for a bit but was able to resume running. Got a nice big bruise and some cuts out of it. I saw the chiropractor a few days later and I was fine. I never had neither cramping nor bleeding which was reassuring.

Sunday: 3.1mi @8:29 pace, road + Pre-natal yoga
Monday: 5.32 mi @9:32 pace, road
Tuesday: 3.1mi @8:35 pace, road
Friday: 10:28 @10:44 pace, trail

Total: 21.8 mi

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