24 Weeks Update

I obviously suck at making weekly updates. I’ve always loved looking at other pregnant runner’s weekly updates. They’ve often been an inspiration to me. And yet here I am totally failing at it. It’s not that I’m not running or that I don’t have things to write really. Mostly life on the other side of the computer takes a bigger priority in my life right now. My husband spends more time at home and as a result I spend less time blogging and more time with him. I know soon enough we’ll have to share our lives with a third little person so I take all I can of our last few months as “just two”.

I have to say that running has been good. Better than I would have expected by now. I’m actually taking less walking breaks than I was two months ago. I’ve maintained my pace around 9-10 min/mile. Some days are slower than others for no particular reason. But mostly not one week nor one run is the same. Take this week for example:

I ran 3.1 miles on Tuesday, it was a cold, rainy day. I had to take several walking breaks,  mostly due to the hilly course but overall I felt good.

Thursday I was hoping to run about 4.5 miles or so. That did not happen. Shortly after I started running I could feel the ligament on the right side of my belly pulling. Not only that but the joins around my hips felt sore. I took several walking breaks and short-cut my run to 3.6mi instead.

This morning I thought I wouldn’t have time to run but I did. So I went in the park again aiming for 4.5 mi. Except that I felt really good this time. Again the right ligament pulled a little at the beginning but then it went away. So I kept on going. I got to 5.3 miles and still felt good, so I continued with an extra loop around the park. In the end I ran almost 6.7 miles with only one walking and one bathroom break.

So I never know from one run to the next. Someday I think my running days are counted and on the next run it’s almost like I’m not pregnant at all. Go figure.

In any case I am incredibly thankful for the ability my body has to carry me. I am thankful for every day that I am pregnant and thankful for every single run I get with the little pumpkin riding along.

Total this week: 13.43mi +1 class of prenatal yoga, + a little yoga at home.

Other data: 9 pounds gained so far, not much (or as much as I would have expected) but the belly is measuring on track so that’s reassuring. The Lil’One is not shy on giving kicks and moving around. I can see my belly move from time to time which is so crazy.

We had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and I knew the baby was on the left due to a recent kick. So she got the doppler on the heartbeat right away. However within a few seconds, the Lil’One gave a kick straight on the doppler. I guess it wasn’t to its liking.

2 comments on “24 Weeks Update

    • Thanks, we had a great time. I’m definitely not stressing out about my running. It’s kind of nice to run when I feel like it, although I still aim for three runs a week no matter the distance.

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